A Little Slumber 2

A Little Slumber 2


A Little Slumber 2 – FreeGIFT Ministry

The concluding part of the story of Yemi Fadele who has been working for a few years now. He has moved up in the world and is struggling with the challenge of juggling the demands of his church, his home and his marriage. Things are not as they were and he soon discovers why. The question is will he do the right thing?

Directed By: Ayotunde Yoloye
Featuring: Lanre Osanyin, Banke Amole- Adams, Funke Adebiyi, Chester Okoh-Osagie, Chijioke Nwogu
Director of Photography: Med Mansur Macauley
Costumes & Make up: Bose Johnson-Badekale
Continuity: Favour Ewone
Production Managers: Kenneth Ayogu, Bisoye Fawale
Editor: Kenny Fregene
Producer: Emiola Yoloye
Duration: 95 mins
Location: Lagos
Language: English

Story based on the stage play “A litte Slumber” written by Ayotunde Yoloye

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