A Taste of Freedom (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “A Taste Of Freedom”, ”The General Assembly” and “In my Fathers House”. The plays deal with man’s true state without Christ, the import of Christ’s death and resurrection, the reality of Heaven and hell and faithfulness in Christian service.


A Taste of Freedom

When Justice Cole finds himself cast into prison along with other political prisoners, it creates within him a deep seated anger towards the government of the day. He finds that the innocent and the guilty are kept together in the same dungeon until the day of interrogation when a sifting will occur. Life in prison is a rat race where survival of the fittest is the name of the game. A game Justice believes he must learn to play. There is a promise that deliverance will soon come via the office of the President but as the days go by the patience of the prisoners wears thin.


A taste of freedom is an allegory of the bondage of man in his natural state and his dear need for the freedom that has been purchased by Jesus Christ at Calvary.


The General Assembly

When Bishop and Beatrice arrive at a convention that they have registered for in advance they are surprised when they are denied admission because of problems with their registration. They are even more surprised when Tosby and Patricia are dragged into the convention ground and are being forced to register for the convention. Slowly they realize that there are two conventions taking place at the same time and that everybody is registered for one of the two conventions. Unfortunately, the convention they are registered for is not necessarily the one they planned to attend.


The play is a reminder that when we die, all of us will gather together at one of two general assemblies. The assembly we attend at death will be a function of decisions and actions we take in life.


In My fathers House

The play is set on a construction site where a contractor has put together a team of workers to build a building according to His master plan. The team of workers on the face of it are not cut out for the task. However as time passes on the project, with guidance from their supervisor and their experiences on the project, they are slowly transformed into workers fit for the masters use.The play mirrors the challenges Christians face in walking with God and committing themselves to service in the Lords vineyard.

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