All These Things

All These Things

The play is set in the village of Koseunti. Wuraola is betrothed to Lawale or so she thinks untill she finds out that Ayinke is also betrothed to her man. Olugbemi, a cripple thinks Wuraola is better off with him than with Lawale. The village chiefs are more concerned about the food shortage they face in the land than with any other thing.


With all these things burning in the hearts of the people, the king declares that he is preparing a great feast for all his people on the day following the third market day. The people are forced to determine their priorities and decide where they will be on the evening of the great feast.


The play is a call to all to seek first the kingdom of God and all the things that they seek for or desire will be provided by the Lord. All These Things All These Things – FreeGIFT Ministry

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