Christian Films

We have produced a number of Christian feature films on DVD / CD, which are revealing of the mind of God on issues of eternal significance and at the same time very entertaining. They are very useful resources for film and personal evangelism.


Mission to Mamuro
When Wero flees the land of Mamuro for dear life, she travels to Salem where she finds refuge and narrates her story. This prompts Sokura to set off on a mission tto Mamuro to preach the good news of Yahweh, the God of Salem. However, he soon comes in conflict with someone else who has come to Mamuro on a mission as well.

Winner of ten awards (Best screenplay, Best director, Best costumes, best edit, best cinematography, best soundtrack, best edit, best male actor, best female actor, best special effect) at the Nigeria Gospel Film Festival 2013.


Justice Cole is cast into prison by the security authorities for no apparent reason along with other political prisoners. This creates within him a deep seated anger towards the government of the day. There is a promise that deliverance will soon come through the office of the President but as the days go by his patience wears thin. Life in prison is a rat race where survival of the fittest is the name of the game. A game Justice believes he must learn to play.

Nominated for five awards at the Nigeria Gospel film festival 2013.


The 316 Amendment
When philanthropist and multi-millionaire Ife Ogo-Oluwa dies and bequeathes his entire estate to a convicted criminal, Nojeem Irapada, the Ogo-Oluwa family, immediately head for the law courts to contest the will, purporting foul play by Nojeem. Unable to afford legal counsel, Nojeem has no option but to accept assistance from a lawyer provided through a legal aid agency, to defend him against what appears to be the indefensible.

Nominated for six awards at the Nigeria Gospel Film Festival 2011.Winner of the Best screenplay Award at the Nigeria Gospel Film Festival, 2011.


Yet Another Chance
Self made businessman, Beson Osaro Ojeaga is Involved in a road accident on the outskirts of Imole. He is relieved when the villagers come to his rescue, but soon discovers that things are not really what they seem as events unfold, he comes to terms with the fact that he has lived a life of misplaced priorities and desire another chance to right his many wrongs.

Nominated for seven awards at the Nigeria Gospel Film Festival 2011.Winner of the Best costumes and best male actor Awards at the Nigeria Gospel Film Festival, 2011


Fight of Faith 1
Peggy is engaged to Michael fawaz and looks forward to a happy married life with her true love. Her nicely planned future is placed on a collision course with issues from her past as she goes on her honeymoon at the Cocoview hotel. At the Cocoview hotel, everything becomes fair game in the fight to save her marriage and retain her faith.


Fight of Faith -2
Sir Armando believes in living life to the full and that women are pawns to be used in achieving this goal. When he is pitched against Philomena and Maggy during a short stay at the Cocoview hotel his views on women are challenged. All of a sudden, it is no longer clear who the pawn is in the saga of lies, deceit, conflict and pressure that unfolds at the Cocoview hotel where everything is fair game in te fight to survive.


A Little Slumber 1
Yemi Fadele is a promising university graduate who is fortunate to receive a good job offer straight out of NYSC. However, Yemi knows that he has a higher calling.
Pressure mounts from various circles for him to delay his obedience to God and pursue a professional career.


A Little Slumber 2
The concluding part of the story of Yemi Fadele who has been working for a few years now. He has moved up in the world and is struggling with the challenge of juggling the demands of his church, his home and his marriage. Things are not as they were and he soon discovers why. The question is will he do the right thing?