Close Encounters One


Close Encounters (Series 1) is a collection of 26 short audio plays that explore people’s attitudes the days to day issues of life they face and which in a divinely creative way throws light on God’s perspective on the issues.



The plays in Series 1 have been aired on a number of radio stations in Nigeria and have gained wide audience appeal for their transforming messages which are based on sound Christian, ethical and moral values.



  • Checking Out
  • Exam Palaver
  • Missing Link
  • One can prosper without immigrating abroad
  • Consequences of encouraging exam malpractices
  • The need for the Holy Spirit in marriage


  • Man in the middle
  • On the run
  • Tax matters
  • Middle men
  • The sin of Incest
  • Paying taxes


  • God of Man
  • Seeking solution
  • A little fire
  • Deifying men of God
  • Delay in child bearing
  • Taming the tongue


  • Chose life
  • Head of the home
  • On His terms
  • Abortion
  • Role of men in the home
  • Serving God in missions


  • Breaking Through
  • Crossing the line
  • No one will know
  • Getting God's Breakthroughs
  • Christian Conduct in Courtship
  • Victimization and the dangers of compromise


  • Hole in the soul
  • Just weights penitentiary
  • The full story
  • Pre-marital sex and soul ties
  • Preventing the Production of half baked Christians
  • Testimonies that glorify God


  • The Business Centre
  • The General Assembly
  • Yams this big
  • Short cuts in business
  • Making it to heaven - Heaven and hell are real
  • Sowing and reaping - Giving liberally


  • Dress to kill
  • Through the eye of eternity
  • Whatever it will take
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Living with eternity in view
  • The role of the church in society


  • The Covenant
  • A future and a hope

  • Cult membership
  • Investing for the future

All plays written and directed by Ayotunde Yoloye and performed by the Free Gift International Artistes.