Close encounters two

Close Encounters (Series 2) is a collection of 24 short audio plays that explore people’s attitudes the days to day issues of life they face and which in a divinely creative way throws light on God’s perspective on the issues.

The plays in Series 1 have been aired on a number on radio stations in Nigeria and have gained wide audience appeal for their transforming messages which are based on sound Christian, ethical and moral values.

The plays included in Series 1 and their themes are detailed below:



  • The investigation
  • Borrowed Time
  • Without a vision
  • Requirements for a successful marriage
  • Life in the physical is controlled in the spiritual. Who is in control of your life?
  • Long term implications of exam malpractices


  • Broken Vessels
  • Half a cup
  • Perfect Sacrifice
  • God breaks people so that he can mould them
  • Sin and its repercussions
  • The efficacy and sufficiency of the sacrifice of Christ to meet every need


  • Like a Cancer
  • High pressure
  • No Errors
  • Unforgiveness destroys like cancer
  • Man's true state when in the bondage of sin
  • The Integrity of the bible


  • More of You
  • Crack Down
  • The food foundation
  • Commitment to the things of God
  • Different manifestations of Prostitution
  • Helping the poor and needy


  • The Nation Builder
  • Like a Thief in the Night
  • Trapped in the mines
  • Principles that make nations great
  • Rapture and Christ's second coming
  • Searching for lost Souls


  • Short Cuts
  • The Production Line
  • Wisdom at work
  • Cutting corners does not pay
  • Preventing the Production of half-baked Christians
  • Trusting God in the midst of storms


  • Speak to me
  • The Altar
  • The smell
  • Hearing from God
  • Altars and covenants
  • Dealing with Pornography and sexual sin


  • The oracle never lies
  • You are wicked
  • Soul of the nation

  • God's perspective of Fruitfulness
  • Finishing strong
  • The role of the church in society


All plays written and directed by Ayotunde Yoloye and performed by the Free Gift International Artistes.