Deceivers in the Land

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Deceivers in the land”, “Greater Heights” and “High Pressure”. The plays deal with and the need to guard our hearts with all diligence because of the subtlety of the devil, the importance of knowing God, the reality of man’s bondage in sin and the true freedom that can only be found in Christ.


Deceivers in the Land

When their ship hits the rocks off the coast of Odongidi, a Sergeant, an engineer and a professor are the sole survivors. Well received by the people of Odongidi, they immediately embark on a project to recruit labourers and build a new boat in order to continue with their journey. They soon realise that there are many in the land who want to distract them from this objective and they will use any means to stop them including lies, money, power, sex and occultism. A play that reaffirms the fact that the heart of man is desperately wicked, Deceivers in the Land is a call to all to guard their hearts with all diligence, for truly out of it are the issues of life.


Greater Heights

The All Peoples’ True Church is undergoing a number of problems in respect of church growth and finances. In order to solve these problems, they have sought the assistance of a renowned church growth consultant. The consultant, Mr. Elias attends a meeting with the council of Elders, a mixed group of Christians, to find solutions to their problems.This play explores the major challenges that growing churches face and emphasises the knowledge of God as the key to the success of every Christian life or ministry.


High Pressure

The outbreak of the SIN virus has compelled government to quarantine all individuals suspected of having contracted the virus. All suspects, both the infected and uninfected, are thrown into a quarantine with grossly overstretched medical facilities until they are tested and certified SIN free. Stripped of their freedom and living in inhuman conditions, the inmates try to make the best of their situations while they await the test. A reflection of the state of the prison system, this play is an allegory of the bondage of man to sin, the pressure it places on him to compromise and the true freedom that can be found in Christ Jesus.

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