Drama Books

All or nothing

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “All or Nothing”, ”Time Out” and “Beauty for Ashes”. The plays deal with the immense love God has for his people and the need for his people to serve him with their whole heart; the reality of the Christians’ spiritual warfare, and the need for all to remember and give to the poor.


All or Nothing

The peace and calm in the land of Jikunda, one of the six villages in the province of Lemota, are shattered when the province is attacked by unknown invaders, and the Samota, the traditional and spiritual leader of the province is reported dead.

The Jikunda council of elders, the Dikas, are relieved when they find that the invaders actually come in peace. Dika Boluti thinks otherwise. As the months go by, events reinforce Boluti’s suspicion that there is more to the invaders than meets the eye. All or Nothing explores the many compromises people make on the altar of peace and convenience. It examines the challenges of remaining faithful to one’s beliefs and values in the face of adversity and seeming hopelessness, as well as God’s unchanging requirement for His people to serve Him with their whole heart.


Time Out

The play is set in a contemporary office. Phillip and Francesca are both Christians with different degrees of commitment to their Christian walk with God. As they interact in the office, it becomes clear that a lot of the things that they do in the physical are actually being orchestrated in the spiritual realm.

The play clearly depicts the reality of the spiritual realm and that in our Christian walk, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. It explores our actions in the ministry and is a call to faithfulness and commitment to the things of God.

It challenges Christians to put on the whole armour and walk closely with God if they are going to be able to make full proof of their ministry.


Beauty For Ashes

Boniface and his wife Caroline are struggling to make ends meet. Unemployment, a fire disaster and other challenges of life make it more difficult for them to retain their faith and trust in God. A major source of encouragement and hope for them has been the Can people, a group of Christians that regularly provide free food to their community. However, when the Can People fail to show up as expected for a few days, the repercussions of this have far reaching effects.

The play is a call to Christians to give to the poor and appreciate that little is much in their eyes and in the eyes of the Lord.

Another Chance (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Another Chance”, “Too Late”, and “A Little Slumber”. The plays deal with the certainty of judgement after death, the need to accept Christ before it is too late and the need to remain faithful in all we are called to do.


Another Chance

Self made businessman, Benson Osaro Ojeaga is involved in a road accident on the outskirts of Ile Imole. He is relieved when the villagers come to his rescue, but soon discovers that things are not really what they seem. As events unfold, he comes to terms with the fact that he has lived a life of misplaced priorities and desires another chance at life to right his many wrongs. However, like most people, he realises too late that he has only one life to live and thereafter will face the fearful prospect of judgement.

Another Chance is a striking and very upbeat play for all seasons that clearly depicts the need for everyone to seek the Lord while he can still be found. It is a call as well as a reminder to Christians and non-Christians alike that life in the hereafter is contingent on the quality of life in the present.


Too late

Thomas Dagogo, a young executive within the corporation with bright prospects for the future had a simple philosophy of life – work hard, play hard and life will be good. Oblivious of the critical role membership of the union plays in attaining real success in the corporation his life he strives to climb the corporate ladder outside of the union. Soon he is caught in a web of blackmail, murder, spiritual oppression and lust for women, and realises he needs help. Will he join the union before it is too late?


A Little slumber

Jolayemi has a definite call of God in his life. His heart tells him to go into full time ministry, but his circumstances demand that he takes up a secular job to make ends meet. Deola struggles to maintain her integrity and Christian testimony in an office environment that is fraught with corruption and favouritism. Oyin, under pressure from several quarters to get married and has children decides to take her destiny into her own hands.

As their stories unfold, we see the far reaching implications of the simple decisions that they make. A little slumber is a play that focuses on the need for all to be faithful in whatever they are called to do.

Deceivers in the Land

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Deceivers in the land”, “Greater Heights” and “High Pressure”. The plays deal with and the need to guard our hearts with all diligence because of the subtlety of the devil, the importance of knowing God, the reality of man’s bondage in sin and the true freedom that can only be found in Christ.


Deceivers in the Land

When their ship hits the rocks off the coast of Odongidi, a Sergeant, an engineer and a professor are the sole survivors. Well received by the people of Odongidi, they immediately embark on a project to recruit labourers and build a new boat in order to continue with their journey. They soon realise that there are many in the land who want to distract them from this objective and they will use any means to stop them including lies, money, power, sex and occultism. A play that reaffirms the fact that the heart of man is desperately wicked, Deceivers in the Land is a call to all to guard their hearts with all diligence, for truly out of it are the issues of life.


Greater Heights

The All Peoples’ True Church is undergoing a number of problems in respect of church growth and finances. In order to solve these problems, they have sought the assistance of a renowned church growth consultant. The consultant, Mr. Elias attends a meeting with the council of Elders, a mixed group of Christians, to find solutions to their problems.This play explores the major challenges that growing churches face and emphasises the knowledge of God as the key to the success of every Christian life or ministry.


High Pressure

The outbreak of the SIN virus has compelled government to quarantine all individuals suspected of having contracted the virus. All suspects, both the infected and uninfected, are thrown into a quarantine with grossly overstretched medical facilities until they are tested and certified SIN free. Stripped of their freedom and living in inhuman conditions, the inmates try to make the best of their situations while they await the test. A reflection of the state of the prison system, this play is an allegory of the bondage of man to sin, the pressure it places on him to compromise and the true freedom that can be found in Christ Jesus.

He Will Judge The World (and other plays)

This book is a collection of five Christian plays entitled “He weill never fail, “Like a Thief in the Night”, ”Put on the whole Armour”, “He Will Judge The World” and “Missing Link”. The plays deal with God’s faithfulness, the rapture, spiritual warfare, judgement and marriage.


He Will Never Fail

This play tells the story of the struggle two young men and a lady through life. Each of them aspires to achieve success but set about it in different ways. One puts his trust wholly in God, the other in the occult and the lady in herbalists and her beauty. It follows there lives over a period of five years, showing their rise and the subsequent fall of two of them, with God upholding his own child.

The play exposes the modus operandi of the occult, reflects upon the extent to which members of the society have got involved with it, and emphasizes the sufficiency of God to provide all our needs.


Like A Thief In The Night

This play is a warning as well as a reassurance to all that Christ is coming soon. It tells the story of people waking up one morning to find out that the rapture has taken placed and several people as been left behind. It hightlights the sign of Christ’s second coming, the joy of those raptured,and to show vividly the conditions that awaits those who are left behind.

Above all, it points out conditions required to make heaven, and admonishes Christians not to be careless in their Christian lives so that they may not be find wanting when Christ returns.


Put On The Whole Armour

This play tells the story of two Christians who are zealous for the Lord and doing exploits in his name. As a result, they become targets of the devil and his cohorts, who set about plans to eliminate them. It exposes the intricacies of the devices of the devil against believers, the reality of demons and evil spirits, and the nature of our spiritual warfare. It is a call to Christians to put on the whole armour of God and ensure that there are no cracks in it which the devil can exploit as well as a reassurance to believers of the sure protection of the Lord, who has given to His children the power to be more than conquerors.


He Will Judge The World

The play is set in the different areas that people work, socialize and worship. As people go about their daily duties they are met by an old man who opens their eyes to the many things they do and leave undone which contribute to the achievement or non-achievement of their full potential and for which they will give an account to the Lord. He shows them that God’s standards of righteousness are non-negotiable and whereas God’s grace and favour are available to all, we only gain access to them when we let God have His way in our lives.

The play seeks to remind Christian in particular and non-Christians that God is the one who rules and reigns in all the affairs of men and as the final judge, His word is to be respected and His will is to be obeyed. It also emphasises the fact that it is only in God and on His terms that there is joy and peace and fruitfulness on every side.


Missing Link

Kunle and Bose are a young couple who find themselves drifting apart from each other. Bisi believes she is trying her best and when this yields little result she resorts to advice from friends and “prophets”. After several failed attempts at reaching her husband, she turns to God and finds Him to be a present help in trouble.

This play focuses on married couples that have put considerable effort into their marriage but still end up living under the same roof as two separate individuals. The result is that each party seeks solution outside the home.

The play highlights the numerous turns that couples take off the marriage path and shows the way back. It emphasises that the home that will stand the test of life is that in which the Holy Spirit is the link/glue that binds the husband and wife and children together.

Locked inside (And Other Plays)

Locked inside (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Locked Inside”, “Wasted Years ” and “Changing Times”. The plays deal with hidden sin, the need to make the best use of our time in this world and preparing for the future.

Locked Inside

The serene Christian family atmosphere at the Douglas family mansion is shattered one cool evening when they receive some unexpected visitors from the Holy Movement for God’s Justice. Suddenly the family find themselves locked inside their mansion with an enemy they have struggled so hard to keep out.

Held hostage against their will and with a large ransom on their heads the family have got to survive the siege by their abductors while at the same time ensuring that their many family secrets are not revealed.

Locked Inside examines the deep secrets that dwell inside us that are usually hidden by the façade we show on the outside. It is a stark reminder that in the final analysis, there is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed. For all things are plain and naked before the eyes of him with whom we all have to do.

Wasted Years

Pastor Oluwalogbon’s family is not different from any other Christian family. Daily they try to live victorious Christian lives while facing the challenges that life throws their way. When Paul, the Pastor’s brother comes to spend a year with the family as he studies for his MSc. he brings with him a new perspective to Christian living, which challenge the status quo in the home and soon puts him at loggerheads with the members of the family.
Wasted Years is a call to all to live each day as though it were their last for time is a resource that should not be wasted.

Changing Times

The government has established a free education programme to prepare its citizens for the changes that are sure to happen sometime in the future. The response of the citizens to the scheme is mixed with some people enrolling and others refusing to. Events unfold much faster than any one expects and the government is suddenly compelled to declare a state of emergency and invoke special provisions in the constitution.

As people begin to jostle and negotiate to preserve themselves and their interests in the new dispensation they come to a realisation that their future in the new dispensation is predicated on decisions they made in the past.
Changing Times is a call to all to begin to prepare for the future since we live in ever changing times.

Mission to Mamuro (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Mission to Mamuro”, “In His Presence ” and “Perfect Sacrifice”. The plays are a call to missions, to see ourselves the way God sees us and the efficacy and sufficiency of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to meet every need.


Mission to Mamuro

The land of Mamuro, two days’ journey east from the point where the two big rivers meet, is a land very deep in tradition and fetish practices. The gods of the land, Bachuso and Isiba, are believed to be very strong and hold sway in the lives of the natives.

When Wero flees the land of Mamuro for dear life, she travels to Salem where she finds refuge and narrates her story. This prompts Sokura to set off on a Mission to Mamuro to preach the good news of Yahweh, the God of Salem. However, he soon comes in conflict with other people who have come to Mamuro on mission as well but for selfish motives.


Mission to Mamuro is a call to missions. It focuses on the bondage of ignorance, the plight of the unreached people and the lukewarm attitude of the church. It is a reminder that the unreached people will one day be reached, but the real question is through whom and with what?


In His Presence

When we look at the people around us, we usually form our impressions of them based on what we are able to see of them on the outside. However, when they come into God’s presence, God sees them as they truly are. In this play, all manner of Christians come into God’s presence for one reason or the other. Rich, poor, saved, unsaved, young and old, they all come. As they come, God exposes them as they truly are and bares His mind on His perception of the quality of their Christian service and ministry.


Perfect Sacrifice

When Andrew finds himself in a hospital trying to save the life of his only son, he is prepared to pull out all the barriers and spare no expense to do so. As time passes, his hospital bills build up astronomically and the hope of a solution continues to fade. He soon gets very desperate for a solution. As a man of substantial means, he has a number of alternatives open to him. This play focuses on the efficacy of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and its sufficiency to meet every need.

Short Cuts (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Short Cuts”, ”Shattered Dreams” and “More Of You”. The plays deal with principles for victorius Christian living, the efficacy of God’s word, and the need to invest time in the things of Go.


Short Cuts

Samson is a man like many others. He has a wife, job, many children, and of course many bills to pay. The many challenges that life throws his way are such that he continually faces the dilemma of playing it straight or bending the rules to gain a slight advantage. One day, his encounter with a customer in his barbing salon poses a major challenge to his much practised philosophy of life. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Samson needs to make a choice between the things that are easily available and those that are of real importance. Short Cuts is an allegory of man’s desire to take the easy road, the line of least resistance. It is a call to return to the straight and narrow path so rarely trodden by many but which leads to the many pursuits for which they seek short cuts to.


Shattered Dreams

Fasi is betrothed to be married to Oma, the next in line to ascend the throne as King of Nekedu. Toga, from another royal line is in love with Fasi and believes that the oracle has spoken that he shall be king of Nekedu. Fasi is raped and Toga is the prime suspect. In fear, Toga has to leave Nekedu and Fasi, having been defiled can no longer be queen. These happenings in Nekedu all fly in the face of the words of a prophecy that have been spoken by the oracle. Over a period of 19 years, the land of Nekedu goes through different turmoils as people try in their own way to bring the words of the oracle they believe to pass. The play is a reminder of the faithfulness of God and the fact that he will always stay true to His word.


More Of You (25 minutes)

Students at a business school daily learn as much as they can from their Professor to help improve their lots in life. However, the level of commitment to learning varies significantly amongst them. As they progress in their studies, they realise that the more they put into their learning, the more they are able to get out of life. The play explores the relationship between the individual and their church and draws a parallel with the relationship between a lecturer and his students. God requires his people to give him more of themselves if they want to properly equip themselves for the challenges that life throws their way.

The 316 Amendment (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of four Christian plays entitled “The 316 Amendment”, “Hole In The Soul”, ”A Day of Sowing?” and “Yams This Big”. The plays deal with the unconditional love of God, the dangers of pre-marital sex, trusting God in times of trouble and giving liberally.


The 316 Amendment

The stage is set for an epic legal battle when philanthropist and multi-millionaire Ife Ogo-Oluwa dies and bequeathes his entire estate to a convicted criminal, Nojeem Irapada. The Ogo-Oluwa family, immediately retain the services of a leading public prosecutor – Barrister Esubiyi, and head for the law courts to contest the will, purporting foul play by Nojeem. Unable to afford legal counsel, Nojeem has no option but to accept assistance from a lawyer provided through a legal aid agency, to defend him against what appears to be the indefensible.


In a sizzling court case that will keep even the most learned legal practitioners on the edge of their seats, the 316 Amendment explores the true state of man, the depth of God’s love and His desire for all to come into a personal relationship with him.


Hole In The Soul

The play is set in a doctor’s consulting room. Tony, a young man does not feel too well and has come to see his doctor to find out what is wrong. The Doctor is unable to find anything physically wrong with Tony but discovers that there is a serious problem with his soul. Together they explore the possible causes of his problem and find a solution to fixing the holes in Tony’s soul. The play exposes the risks and dangers of pre-marital sex and is a call to righteous living particularly amongst the youths.


A Day Of Sowing

Fred Duru is an estate surveyor and valuer who runs his private practice strictly on Christian principles. He falls on some hard times and is put under pressure by business associates, family and friends to compromise in order to make ends meet. A strong believer in the principles of sowing and reaping, Fred tries to hold onto his faith but the likelihood of his being rewarded for his faithfulness only appear to get slimmer with the passing of each day.
The play is a call to all to sow seeds of righteousness and that in the fullness of time God will bring forth a bountiful harvest.


Yams This Big

The play is set in the land of Atofarati’s mercy. There is a famine in the land and as a result the indigenes have taken up arms against the non indigenes in order to survive. The king has ordered an emergency meeting of the council of elders to determine what can be done to solve the problems in the land. The meeting is heated as the elders debate on the difficult options laid before them to solve the problem at hand. As they discuss, the elders discover that there are some in the land who have still prospered in the midst of the famine.


Those who prospered were those who have been liberal in their giving and who have been able to overcome ethnic and denominational differences. The elders are faced with the hard decision of giving from the little they have to those of other tribes and faiths, and trusting God to heal their land in return. The play is a call to Christians to give from what God has given to them (gifts, talents, time, resources, etc), to those for whom God gave it to them.

Beyond measure (And Other Plays)

A collection of five plays specifically written for performance by youths. All the plays have been performed by youth groups in schools and churches. Covering such themes as the boundless love of God, the need for strong foundations in Christ, seeking God first, running the Christian race, the faithfulness of God and the limitless possibilities of faith in God, the messages in the plays are simple, clear and potent.


Beyond Measure

Ifeoluwa is the father of many children. Filled with a passion for the lost and helpless, he regularly adopts children from orphanages and homes and brings them into his home. The children however, do not fully understand the depth of Ifeoluwa’s love and so, from time to time get up to some mischief to make up for the perceived gaps in Ifeoluwa’s love. The mischief of Chidi and Debby, two of Ifeoluwa’s children place them in serious trouble with the law and Ifeoluwa needs to make a big sacrifice to redeem them from the hands of the law. This play is an allegory of the boundless love of God that is beyond measure.


Treasured Possession

Igbokoyi is a bright young boy with bright hopes for the future, who grows up with his adoptive parents in the village. His adoptive mother does not particularly like him and sees him as a bad influence on her own children. As a result she treats Igbokoyi very harshly. Over the years the land suffers one calamity after the other and the oracle declares that the land shall continually be troubled until the treasured possession is restored. In despair, Igbokoyi resigns himself to fate, believing that he will never amount to much in life. The play is an assurance that with God, all things are possible and that we can achieve anything we want to if we just trust in the Lord.


No Other Foundation

Arinola, James, Bimbo and Folusho are all young undergraduates in university with bright prospects for the future. However, as they pass through the university, they meet with a variety of challenges that test their Christian foundations. Each finds a way to deal with the problems that come their way and look forward to life after school. However, they find that after leaving university, the world system awaits them with its own challenges to once again put their foundations to test. The play emphasises the importance of laying the right foundations for our lives and those of our children.


All These Things

The play is set in the village of Koseunti. Wuraola is betrothed to Lawale or so she thinks untill she finds out that Ayinke is also betrothed to her man. Olugbemi, a cripple thinks Wuraola is better off with him than with Lawale. The village chiefs are more concerned about the food shortage they face in the land than with any other thing. With all these things burning in the hearts of the people, the king declares that he is preparing a great feast for all his people on the day following the third market day. The people are forced to determine their priorities and decide where they will be on the evening of the great feast. The play is a call to all to seek first the kingdom of God and all the things that they seek for or desire will be provided by the Lord.


Run To Win

The referee is ready. The coach is ready. All is set for the great race except that none of the runners have shown up for the race. Gradually, the runners arrive and each of them comes along with their own baggage. The coach goes to great length to equip the runners with all they need to run the great race. Unfortunately, not all the runners listen to him and find that they disobey at their own peril.
The play is an allegory of the race of life into which we all have been registered. The race has its rewards but it must be run according to the rules.

A Taste of Freedom (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “A Taste Of Freedom”, ”The General Assembly” and “In my Fathers House”. The plays deal with man’s true state without Christ, the import of Christ’s death and resurrection, the reality of Heaven and hell and faithfulness in Christian service.


A Taste of Freedom

When Justice Cole finds himself cast into prison along with other political prisoners, it creates within him a deep seated anger towards the government of the day. He finds that the innocent and the guilty are kept together in the same dungeon until the day of interrogation when a sifting will occur. Life in prison is a rat race where survival of the fittest is the name of the game. A game Justice believes he must learn to play. There is a promise that deliverance will soon come via the office of the President but as the days go by the patience of the prisoners wears thin.


A taste of freedom is an allegory of the bondage of man in his natural state and his dear need for the freedom that has been purchased by Jesus Christ at Calvary.


The General Assembly

When Bishop and Beatrice arrive at a convention that they have registered for in advance they are surprised when they are denied admission because of problems with their registration. They are even more surprised when Tosby and Patricia are dragged into the convention ground and are being forced to register for the convention. Slowly they realize that there are two conventions taking place at the same time and that everybody is registered for one of the two conventions. Unfortunately, the convention they are registered for is not necessarily the one they planned to attend.


The play is a reminder that when we die, all of us will gather together at one of two general assemblies. The assembly we attend at death will be a function of decisions and actions we take in life.


In My fathers House

The play is set on a construction site where a contractor has put together a team of workers to build a building according to His master plan. The team of workers on the face of it are not cut out for the task. However as time passes on the project, with guidance from their supervisor and their experiences on the project, they are slowly transformed into workers fit for the masters use.The play mirrors the challenges Christians face in walking with God and committing themselves to service in the Lords vineyard.