Fire at the Root (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of five Christian plays entitled “Fire at the Root”, “The Investigation”, “A Future and a Hope” and “The Nation Builder”. Fire at the root deals with the principles of curses and covenant, foundations and roots, gates and gate keepers, and the need for strategic level prayers to apply the fire of God to the root of deep spiritual issues. The other plays deal with the essentials for a successful marriage, making investments for the future and essential elements of nation building.


Fire at the Root

Chief Owobriomo is in the hospital suffering from a strange illness. Doctors struggle to find out the root cause of his illness with limited success. Houseman Olumide Ajinde believes that chief’s condition is linked to the spiritual and needs to be dealt with spiritually.The medical consultant however thinks otherwise. As time runs out for chief, Ajinde and the consultant are placed on a collision course as each tries to apply their preferred method of therapy on chief.


Fire at the root is an allegory that reflects on the spiritual activities that directly impact on the lives of individuals (including committed Christians) but are usually not seen by these individuals or people around them except they are spiritually sensitive.


It explores the principles of foundations and roots, altars and covenants, gates and gatekeepers, and the efficacy of God’s fire to deal with all problems at their roots.


The Investigation

A man and his wife are arrested in a police crackdown on prostitutes in their area. The basis for their arrest was that the level of affection the couple showed towards each other was so high that they could not possibly be married.


At the police station they are interrogated by a police officer and a sergeant who between them have forty years of experience in marriage. The couple have a difficult time convincing the police that they are truly married as the investigators experience of marriage differs greatly from the experiences the couple provide as evidence of their being married.

The play highlights Gods pattern for successful marriages and addresses the key challenges most couples face in. marriage such as joint planning, managing finances, communication, understanding differences between men and women, sexual relationships, trust and fidelity.


A Future and a Hope

Sammy and George work in a company that is being badly managed by its Managing Director. Sammy is incensed by the Managing Director’s behaviour and cannot understand why she would jeopardize the company’s future by behaving so irresponsibly. As far as Sammy is concerned, for the company to survive it needed to invest in productive assets and ensure its management possess requisite skills to manage the company. As events unfold, it comes to light that Sammy himself is also managing another company just as irresponsibly as his managing Director.


The play is a call to all to ensure they invest for the future and continually develop their skills in order to remain relevant in a constantly changing world.


The Nation Builder

When “The Nation” a 50 story building and an architectural masterpiece collapses, several citizens die in the process. Angry mobs go out in search of The Nation builder who they believe is responsible for the collapse of The Nation. In desperation, The Nation builder seeks protection from the mob by fleeing to a house of refuge, where the elders of the house seek to determine the reasons for the collapse of The Nation and whether the nation builder has shed innocent blood.


The nation builder is a play that examines seven core pillars on which great nations are built and a wakeup call to all and in particular the church on their God given roles in nation building.

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