Freegift Ministry

Our Identity

Free Gift International is a Christian theatre and film Company. It commenced operations in September 1996 and over the years has come to be known for delivering excellence in Christian Theatre and film productions. We are one of the leading providers of quality Christian drama and films in Africa. We operate out of a professional run office in Lagos Nigeria that is equipped as a full theatre and film production house.


Our Mission

To preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in new and refreshing ways using the arts and empowering others to do so.


Our Vision

To reach at least 500 million people annually with the gospel by 2015 and win 1% of the people reached for Christ through the implementation of our initiatives in 4 areas (Our 4 Point agenda):

Our 4 Point Agenda

4 point agenda

Electronic media

Exploiting Electronic Media and Communication Technology As An Evangelical Tool 

  • Production of high quality Christian radio and television programmes 
  • Distribution of these programmes online and for broadcast by local / international television and radio stations 
  • Establishment of a Christian Television/radio broadcasting network 
  • Production of high quality Christian plays and films on audio and video CDs 

Setting standards

Setting Higher Standards for Christian Theatre & Film 

  • Strategic partnerships for distribution of FGI ministry products globally 
  • Live public performances of Christian plays locally and internationally – Currently we have capacity to perform two full scale productions simultaneously. 
  • Theatre Connect is our monthly public drama performance currently held in three locations across Lagos, Nigeria 
  • Publication of at least 200 quality Christian plays for use by Christian drama groups 

Capacity building

Developing Capacity for Christian Theatre & Film Production

  • Construction of a Christian theatre and film facility for the production of high quality Christian plays and films Providing training for Christian theatre and film organisations to produce quality Christian theatre and film products
  • Our technical assistance programmes are structured for both organizations and individuals. Our preference is to work with drama groups/organisations to equip them to be able to perform professionally packaged stage plays and films. 
  • We have discontinued “Bright Talents”, our highly successful secondary school drama competition. The competition will soon be replaced by a Christian drama competition for Christian drama groups and ministries. 

Funding the arts

Funding The Spread of The Gospel Using The Arts

  • Providing funding for Christian theatre and film organisations to produce quality Christian theatre and film products
  • We are actively growing our partner base as we recognize that a major support for the work we do comes from our Partners and Friends. We are counting on our current partners to support us in growing our partner base by encouraging at least two individuals or organisations to partner with us

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