He Will Judge The World (and other plays)

This book is a collection of five Christian plays entitled “He weill never fail, “Like a Thief in the Night”, ”Put on the whole Armour”, “He Will Judge The World” and “Missing Link”. The plays deal with God’s faithfulness, the rapture, spiritual warfare, judgement and marriage.


He Will Never Fail

This play tells the story of the struggle two young men and a lady through life. Each of them aspires to achieve success but set about it in different ways. One puts his trust wholly in God, the other in the occult and the lady in herbalists and her beauty. It follows there lives over a period of five years, showing their rise and the subsequent fall of two of them, with God upholding his own child.

The play exposes the modus operandi of the occult, reflects upon the extent to which members of the society have got involved with it, and emphasizes the sufficiency of God to provide all our needs.


Like A Thief In The Night

This play is a warning as well as a reassurance to all that Christ is coming soon. It tells the story of people waking up one morning to find out that the rapture has taken placed and several people as been left behind. It hightlights the sign of Christ’s second coming, the joy of those raptured,and to show vividly the conditions that awaits those who are left behind.

Above all, it points out conditions required to make heaven, and admonishes Christians not to be careless in their Christian lives so that they may not be find wanting when Christ returns.


Put On The Whole Armour

This play tells the story of two Christians who are zealous for the Lord and doing exploits in his name. As a result, they become targets of the devil and his cohorts, who set about plans to eliminate them. It exposes the intricacies of the devices of the devil against believers, the reality of demons and evil spirits, and the nature of our spiritual warfare. It is a call to Christians to put on the whole armour of God and ensure that there are no cracks in it which the devil can exploit as well as a reassurance to believers of the sure protection of the Lord, who has given to His children the power to be more than conquerors.


He Will Judge The World

The play is set in the different areas that people work, socialize and worship. As people go about their daily duties they are met by an old man who opens their eyes to the many things they do and leave undone which contribute to the achievement or non-achievement of their full potential and for which they will give an account to the Lord. He shows them that God’s standards of righteousness are non-negotiable and whereas God’s grace and favour are available to all, we only gain access to them when we let God have His way in our lives.

The play seeks to remind Christian in particular and non-Christians that God is the one who rules and reigns in all the affairs of men and as the final judge, His word is to be respected and His will is to be obeyed. It also emphasises the fact that it is only in God and on His terms that there is joy and peace and fruitfulness on every side.


Missing Link

Kunle and Bose are a young couple who find themselves drifting apart from each other. Bisi believes she is trying her best and when this yields little result she resorts to advice from friends and “prophets”. After several failed attempts at reaching her husband, she turns to God and finds Him to be a present help in trouble.

This play focuses on married couples that have put considerable effort into their marriage but still end up living under the same roof as two separate individuals. The result is that each party seeks solution outside the home.

The play highlights the numerous turns that couples take off the marriage path and shows the way back. It emphasises that the home that will stand the test of life is that in which the Holy Spirit is the link/glue that binds the husband and wife and children together.

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