Locked inside (And Other Plays)

Locked inside (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Locked Inside”, “Wasted Years ” and “Changing Times”. The plays deal with hidden sin, the need to make the best use of our time in this world and preparing for the future.

Locked Inside

The serene Christian family atmosphere at the Douglas family mansion is shattered one cool evening when they receive some unexpected visitors from the Holy Movement for God’s Justice. Suddenly the family find themselves locked inside their mansion with an enemy they have struggled so hard to keep out.

Held hostage against their will and with a large ransom on their heads the family have got to survive the siege by their abductors while at the same time ensuring that their many family secrets are not revealed.

Locked Inside examines the deep secrets that dwell inside us that are usually hidden by the façade we show on the outside. It is a stark reminder that in the final analysis, there is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed. For all things are plain and naked before the eyes of him with whom we all have to do.

Wasted Years

Pastor Oluwalogbon’s family is not different from any other Christian family. Daily they try to live victorious Christian lives while facing the challenges that life throws their way. When Paul, the Pastor’s brother comes to spend a year with the family as he studies for his MSc. he brings with him a new perspective to Christian living, which challenge the status quo in the home and soon puts him at loggerheads with the members of the family.
Wasted Years is a call to all to live each day as though it were their last for time is a resource that should not be wasted.

Changing Times

The government has established a free education programme to prepare its citizens for the changes that are sure to happen sometime in the future. The response of the citizens to the scheme is mixed with some people enrolling and others refusing to. Events unfold much faster than any one expects and the government is suddenly compelled to declare a state of emergency and invoke special provisions in the constitution.

As people begin to jostle and negotiate to preserve themselves and their interests in the new dispensation they come to a realisation that their future in the new dispensation is predicated on decisions they made in the past.
Changing Times is a call to all to begin to prepare for the future since we live in ever changing times.

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