Mission to Mamuro (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Mission to Mamuro”, “In His Presence ” and “Perfect Sacrifice”. The plays are a call to missions, to see ourselves the way God sees us and the efficacy and sufficiency of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to meet every need.


Mission to Mamuro

The land of Mamuro, two days’ journey east from the point where the two big rivers meet, is a land very deep in tradition and fetish practices. The gods of the land, Bachuso and Isiba, are believed to be very strong and hold sway in the lives of the natives.

When Wero flees the land of Mamuro for dear life, she travels to Salem where she finds refuge and narrates her story. This prompts Sokura to set off on a Mission to Mamuro to preach the good news of Yahweh, the God of Salem. However, he soon comes in conflict with other people who have come to Mamuro on mission as well but for selfish motives.


Mission to Mamuro is a call to missions. It focuses on the bondage of ignorance, the plight of the unreached people and the lukewarm attitude of the church. It is a reminder that the unreached people will one day be reached, but the real question is through whom and with what?


In His Presence

When we look at the people around us, we usually form our impressions of them based on what we are able to see of them on the outside. However, when they come into God’s presence, God sees them as they truly are. In this play, all manner of Christians come into God’s presence for one reason or the other. Rich, poor, saved, unsaved, young and old, they all come. As they come, God exposes them as they truly are and bares His mind on His perception of the quality of their Christian service and ministry.


Perfect Sacrifice

When Andrew finds himself in a hospital trying to save the life of his only son, he is prepared to pull out all the barriers and spare no expense to do so. As time passes, his hospital bills build up astronomically and the hope of a solution continues to fade. He soon gets very desperate for a solution. As a man of substantial means, he has a number of alternatives open to him. This play focuses on the efficacy of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and its sufficiency to meet every need.

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