No Errors (And Other Plays)

No Errors (and other plays) is a collection of five Christian plays entitled “No Errors”, “Broken Vessels”, “The Investigation”, “The Smell” and “Half a cup”. The plays deal with the authority and efficacy of the word of God, God’s desire for His people to be broken, the essentials for a successful marriage, sexual sin and the spiritual implications of cutting corners to get ahead in life.

No Errors

Charles has always been cynical about the truth and authority of the bible because of a strong perception he has that it contains so many inconsistencies and errors. He is always very quick to challenge anyone on their belief in the bible and go out of his way to prove that the bible is full of errors. His friend Tony, a young believer, stands no chance when confronted by Charles well articulated intellectual arguments.

In desperation Tony point to Dewunmi Macauley, a strong believer in the bible, as an example of a Christian whose life demonstrates the truth and authority of the bible. Charles immediately begins to scheme to catch Dewunmi Macaulay out and prove yet again that the bible is full of errors.


Broken Vessels

Asalome and Davida have had lives that are faced with all manner of problems. From challenges at work and in marriage, abuse in their youth and adult life, childlessness and being widowed, they have seen it all. Davina is unmoved by her situation, and sees the positive things that God brings about through her various afflictions. Asalome on the other hand is very bitter about her lot in life and drags Davina along with her to the temple to see the prophet to complain to him.
The play is a call to brokenness for all, as God is enlisting his people into the school of brokenness and is looking for broken people of God and not mighty people of God.


The Oracle Never Lies

Segun and Labake have been married for 6 years and are unable to have children. Segun’s mum will not hear of it and decides to take matters into her own hands and get Segun another wife. Her argument? Labake has been unfruitful. When Segun resists, mama insists that they consult the Oracle to speak his mind on the matter.
This play gives a unique insight into God’s perspective of fruitfulness.


The Smell

Jennifer is a young lady who paid a visit to her doctor to help treat a headache she had. On arriving at the hospital, her doctor notices that she is emitting a very strong foul smell. In trying to diagnose the root cause of the smell, the doctor discovers that Jennifer is having a lot of challenges in managing a number of sex related issues. From her being involved in lesbianism and pornography to a husband suffering from erectile dysfunction and a daughter involved in masturbation she has opened doors that are leading her down the road to sexual perversion.
The play expounds on God’s perspectives of sexual sin and explores practical ways in which sexual pressure can be handled in an increasingly sexually permissive world.


Half a Cup

When Stephen is faced with a financial challenge he seeks for financial assistance from his Aunty who never seems to be short of cash. She provides him the needed assistance and shows Stephen her formula for making quick and regular money. She only understands and explains the physical benefits and drawbacks of the method but has no understanding of the spiritual implications of her methods.

The play explores the deeper spiritual implications and consequences of certain actions people take to get ahead in life and explains why the cup of some people will always run over with many troubles.

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