Partners & Friends

We recognize that for our vision to be achieved, our initiatives must be sustainable in the long term. The scale of our planned initiatives require resources far in excess of our internal capacity.

We therefore actively encourage like minded individuals or organisations who share our vision and want to own a part of it to partner with us to achieve it. Anyone with a heart for lost souls can partner with us.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Category RequirementOpportunities
FinancialRegular financial contribution towards our programmes and projects in general or designated funding for specified projectsMonthly, quarterly, Bianually, annualy Specific projects such as films, production of radio plays or Theatre Connect
FinancialRegular purchase and distribution of our ministry products (films, audio plays and books)Personal/Church evangelism Sales/distribution Souvenirs/Gifts to first timers
Product PlacementFunding the cost of free placement of our ministry products(films, audio plays and books) in schools, offices, mission fields etc.Close Encounters in schools
Live ProductionArranging opportunities for our team of artistes to minister live in drama at programmes.Regular production in churches Tell others about us
PrayersPraying regularly for the ministryReceive prayer points Join our various meetings
ServiceCommitment to make available for free or at significant discounts, services that you normally provide e.g. catering, transport, printing, cleaning, legal, accounting etc.Volunteer as ushers/production workers at Free Gift International events or productions. Volunteer to market Free Gift International products at conferences and conventions.
ResourceProvision of resources required for FGIL productions i.e. costumes, props, film locations, production vehicles, cameras, studios, music etc.Provide Clothes or articles for use as costumes or Props. Make available premises (offices, homes, schools etc) for film location. Offer your car/vehicles for use as film location vehicles

Sign up

If you would like to sign up as a partner in any of our partnership categories, please click here and complete our partner registration form .

Partner Donations and Payments

BankAccount NameAccount No.Sort code
GT Bank, Allen Avenue Branch, LagosFree Gift International Limited 0002685121Cell_Content
Zenith Bank, Allen Avenue, LagosFree Gift International Limited1011284139Cell_Content
Ecobank, Allen Avenue, LagosFree Gift International Limited3482009001Cell_Content

Partner Bulletin

The Partners bulletin is a quarterly electronic bulletin that provides our partners and friends with an update on our activities and our plans for the immediate future. Click here to view Partners bulletin.

Partners & Friends Forum

The Partners and friends forum is an event organized from time to time to meet with friends and partners of this ministry to update them on our current activities and our plans for the immediate and long term future.

We encourage you to join us.Together, we can reach the world.