Short Cuts (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of three Christian plays entitled “Short Cuts”, ”Shattered Dreams” and “More Of You”. The plays deal with principles for victorius Christian living, the efficacy of God’s word, and the need to invest time in the things of Go.


Short Cuts

Samson is a man like many others. He has a wife, job, many children, and of course many bills to pay. The many challenges that life throws his way are such that he continually faces the dilemma of playing it straight or bending the rules to gain a slight advantage. One day, his encounter with a customer in his barbing salon poses a major challenge to his much practised philosophy of life. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Samson needs to make a choice between the things that are easily available and those that are of real importance. Short Cuts is an allegory of man’s desire to take the easy road, the line of least resistance. It is a call to return to the straight and narrow path so rarely trodden by many but which leads to the many pursuits for which they seek short cuts to.


Shattered Dreams

Fasi is betrothed to be married to Oma, the next in line to ascend the throne as King of Nekedu. Toga, from another royal line is in love with Fasi and believes that the oracle has spoken that he shall be king of Nekedu. Fasi is raped and Toga is the prime suspect. In fear, Toga has to leave Nekedu and Fasi, having been defiled can no longer be queen. These happenings in Nekedu all fly in the face of the words of a prophecy that have been spoken by the oracle. Over a period of 19 years, the land of Nekedu goes through different turmoils as people try in their own way to bring the words of the oracle they believe to pass. The play is a reminder of the faithfulness of God and the fact that he will always stay true to His word.


More Of You (25 minutes)

Students at a business school daily learn as much as they can from their Professor to help improve their lots in life. However, the level of commitment to learning varies significantly amongst them. As they progress in their studies, they realise that the more they put into their learning, the more they are able to get out of life. The play explores the relationship between the individual and their church and draws a parallel with the relationship between a lecturer and his students. God requires his people to give him more of themselves if they want to properly equip themselves for the challenges that life throws their way.

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