The 316 Amendment

The 316 Amendment

The stage is set for an epic legal battle when philanthropist and multi-billionaire Ife Ogo-Oluwa dies and bequeathes his entire estate to a convicted criminal, Nojeem Irapada. The Ogo-Oluwa family, immediately retain the services of a leading public prosecutor – Barrister Esubiyi, and head for the law courts to contest the will, purporting foul play by Nojeem.


Unable to afford legal counsel, Nojeem has no option but to accept assistance from a lawyer provided through a legal aid agency, to defend him against what appears to be the indefensible.


In a sizzling court case that will keep even the most learned legal practitioners on the edge of their seats, the 316 Amendment explores the true state of man, the depth of God’s love and His desire for all to come into a personal relationship with him. The 316 Amendment – FreeGIFT Ministry

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