The 316 Amendment (And Other Plays)

This book is a collection of four Christian plays entitled “The 316 Amendment”, “Hole In The Soul”, ”A Day of Sowing?” and “Yams This Big”. The plays deal with the unconditional love of God, the dangers of pre-marital sex, trusting God in times of trouble and giving liberally.


The 316 Amendment

The stage is set for an epic legal battle when philanthropist and multi-millionaire Ife Ogo-Oluwa dies and bequeathes his entire estate to a convicted criminal, Nojeem Irapada. The Ogo-Oluwa family, immediately retain the services of a leading public prosecutor – Barrister Esubiyi, and head for the law courts to contest the will, purporting foul play by Nojeem. Unable to afford legal counsel, Nojeem has no option but to accept assistance from a lawyer provided through a legal aid agency, to defend him against what appears to be the indefensible.


In a sizzling court case that will keep even the most learned legal practitioners on the edge of their seats, the 316 Amendment explores the true state of man, the depth of God’s love and His desire for all to come into a personal relationship with him.


Hole In The Soul

The play is set in a doctor’s consulting room. Tony, a young man does not feel too well and has come to see his doctor to find out what is wrong. The Doctor is unable to find anything physically wrong with Tony but discovers that there is a serious problem with his soul. Together they explore the possible causes of his problem and find a solution to fixing the holes in Tony’s soul. The play exposes the risks and dangers of pre-marital sex and is a call to righteous living particularly amongst the youths.


A Day Of Sowing

Fred Duru is an estate surveyor and valuer who runs his private practice strictly on Christian principles. He falls on some hard times and is put under pressure by business associates, family and friends to compromise in order to make ends meet. A strong believer in the principles of sowing and reaping, Fred tries to hold onto his faith but the likelihood of his being rewarded for his faithfulness only appear to get slimmer with the passing of each day.
The play is a call to all to sow seeds of righteousness and that in the fullness of time God will bring forth a bountiful harvest.


Yams This Big

The play is set in the land of Atofarati’s mercy. There is a famine in the land and as a result the indigenes have taken up arms against the non indigenes in order to survive. The king has ordered an emergency meeting of the council of elders to determine what can be done to solve the problems in the land. The meeting is heated as the elders debate on the difficult options laid before them to solve the problem at hand. As they discuss, the elders discover that there are some in the land who have still prospered in the midst of the famine.


Those who prospered were those who have been liberal in their giving and who have been able to overcome ethnic and denominational differences. The elders are faced with the hard decision of giving from the little they have to those of other tribes and faiths, and trusting God to heal their land in return. The play is a call to Christians to give from what God has given to them (gifts, talents, time, resources, etc), to those for whom God gave it to them.

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