The Agency

This book is a collection of four Christian plays entitled “The Agency”, “Borrowed Time” and “In the Thick of the Storm”. The plays deal with the role of Christians as God’s Agents here on Earth, the reality of spiritual warfare in which the physical is controlled from the spiritual and surviving the storms of life.


The Agency

Two agents from the Agency have been sent to the Coco-View Hotel and Resort on an assignment. At first glance, it seems to be a first class hotel and a place of peace and tranquillity, with it’s well-trained staff and highly placed patrons. The agents soon meet the staff of the hotel as well as other patrons, some of whom are on holiday while others are on business.

Sir Armando is a businessman with connections in high places who continues to mix business with pleasure on this business trips and is willing to do anything to satisfy his desires. Malik and Peggy Fawaz are on their honeymoon and are looking forward to a wonderful future together. Maggie Fernandez also makes her living from doing business- both legitimate and illegimate businesses.

As these all meet and interact, it becomes evident that the agents’ assignment in the hotel is a crucial one. Who are they after and why? Will they succeed in their assignment?


Borrowed Time

It is war time and High Tower Control is saddled with the responsibility of providing guidance to aircraft flying through militarised zones. Air traffic controllers, Colonel Powers and Captain Gabriel, need to apply all their skills to help navigate sometimes uncooperative pilots through dangerous airspace. As they perform this task, it soon becomes apparent that it is not only the enemy on the outside that they are contending with.

Borrowed Time is an allegory of the reality that peoples’ lives are controlled like aircrafts from a control centre in the spiritual realm and that there is a correlation between their circumstances in life and their response to the controller’s instructions.


In the Thick of the Storm

Dele Olotu is a man who truly believes in God and lives his life to please Him completely. Over the years, however, he finds out that he is being faced with all manner of trying circumstances that make him begin to question the faithfulness of the God he serves. This play tells the story of his struggle for survival in the thick of the storm of life.

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